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Musical Activities

The Recital

      The recital is the ultimate moment where music finally takes its flight. It concretizes in a fusion between the composer, interpreter and instrument. It is of course the whys and wherefores we damn ourselves for. The sound of the clavichord pierces the silence, and then becomes music.

The Conferences

      It is with great pleasure that I share with the public my experience of the clavichord in joining the elements of a builder to the elements of music, in hope of communicating a little of my passion. The traditional conference : One presentation lasting approximately 1 hour that tackles the origins of the clavichord, its functioning, its history, repertoire and future. The conference is punctuated with musical excerpts and is adaptable for different audiences. A few specialized subjects: « Encounter the clavichord », « keyboard ergonomics, principles and evolution », « detail of the fabrication » ...

The Duo « Alliance contre nature »

      It began with the creation of the electro-acoustic clavichord and its union with the electric bass guitar. At first these two instruments appear to be opposites, like their supposed repertoires, they both nevertheless find their roots in ancient music keeping the essence of their respective families. Their sonorities are crossed with the electrical technology of our present era.

      Having the will of treating sounds unexpectedly, the duos' musical language is essentially classical. « Alliance Contre Nature » proposes a repertoire from the Buxtehude to contemporary music.

      Louis-Philippe Rivet, electric bass or electro-acoustic bass guitar and Renée Geoffrion, electro-acoustic clavichord.


Clavichord Inn

      You may discover the clavichord by staying a weekend in a small house that contains at least 2 clavichords in Pierre- Buffière, just beside the workshop, in a small corner of the Limousin region where time has little hold. You may also of course take lessons. This way permits to take time to integrate a good comprehension of the instrument in very calm and beautiful surroundings.

The pedagogical projects

      These projects adapted for music schools permit to discover and to practice the clavichord at different levels. The clavichord, known as a historic pedagogical instrument par excellence, stimulates the development of the touch and the musical judgement, because of the numerous parameters that the interpreter must learn to control as well as its potential expressivity. The projects usually include a recital, a conference, the lending of an instrument and lessons (private or public).