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The Clavichords

The specialty of the enterprise, the instrument of tomorrow, the one that makes the soul vibrate as much as the strings. My experience as an interpreter and instrument maker permits me to create very well-balanced instruments in which some may be copies and others original creations. Each model is unique and responds to different musical aspirations or practices. From the small study clavichord to the large Frederici, I build several common models and also accept to execute special orders. The clavichords do not leave the workshop until they are at their very best and they are of course guaranteed.


Here are the current models :

The Travel Clavichord « Bach's tessitura », 4 octaves and 3 notes C-d'''. Conceived in a simple format, double fretted, very small but still capable of excellent dynamic and expressive range. It weighs 20 pounds and can be of use throughout a musician's career. The case is made of walnut from Dordogne. The keys are maple and walnut.

A simple electro-acoustic system is offered. It also comes with a soft case.

Size : 37 1/4 inches x 10 1/2 x 4 1/2, without the stand.(photo on the right).


The Hubert-style clavichord : Four and a half octaves, BB-f''', BB can be tuned to BB-flat or AA, double fretted. Inspired by an instrument of the preclassical period, it is relatively modest in size and permits accessibility to a greater amount of repertoire than the travel clavichord. The keyboard size is quite comfortable and the instrument sings very well. The case is of European oak with a maple inlay. It comes with a stand. Size : 51 inches x 14 1/2 x 5 1/2. Weighs 45 pounds without the stand.

Option : soft case.


Large clavichord according to Friederici (5 octaves, fa-fa, non-fretted). Pure copy of an instrument from 1774, the original is at the Musée de la Musique in Paris. This instrument is to my opinion the supreme model of all clavichords; it is fantastic to play C.P.E. Bach, Mozart or Haydn.

Massive oak, waxed finish, simple stand with hand-turned legs.

Or, like the original, walnut veneer on oak core, stand with a drawer and curved legs (see beside).